Osceola, NY

Hi, Dustin & Christina here!

Hi, Dustin & Christina here!

Osceola Ski and Sport Resort Skiing

What’s going on in Osceola today is unlike anything that has ever happened before in Osceola.  The Osceola Ski and Sport Resort is coming online and looking forward to opening soon.  We have been working so hard through the winter and spring to make our ski center top notch.  We are looking forward to serving our customers in our new relaxing and clean lodge as soon as possible.  We have applied for our liquor license and health permits to have great food and drinks available.  The outside is being worked on daily making new trails and cleaning up after our construction projects.  We can’t wait for some green grass to make our building look more beautiful than it already does.  The trail passes for the 20/21 season can be purchased online.  We are not only a ski center but we look forward to booking the lodge for meetings, weddings, and other outdoor activities.  

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Feel free to drive by anytime and pull in, you can’t miss the lodge at 1573 Osceola Road, Osceola.  Hint, its big, RED and WHITE!

See you soon,

Dustin and Christina